Friday, February 22, 2013

New Chapter...

Today will bookmark a new chapter for me in my own personal book of life. On a previous blog I wrote about making changes in your life to attain the goals you set. Well something to that affect. Basically I wrote about things that you don't like and if you have to complain about them all the time then maybe the changes lie within you. Regardless that was the jest of the entire blog. And truly that is the walk of life I want to remain on from this day forward. A lot of things in my life were just mediocre. I was so bored out of my mind with mediocre and just living life from day to day with no expectations. OK that's not entirely true, I had expectations and high ones I might add. But I finally stopped looking and thinking about what I wanted out of life and decided to start making things happen to better my situation so that one day I don't have to just envision what I want to do or where I want to go. Instead, I can "JUST DO IT!"

I like that slogan a lot. I wish I would have thought of it first. LOL

What are your goals in life? What do you want to accomplish before that great day of judgement? Are you taking the necessary steps to surpass them, not just reach them?

One of the main questions I asked myself one day was; "Would my kids be proud of my accomplishments when they are older and look back?" At the time my answer was HECK NO! Mainly because I haven't done anything for ME to be proud of MYSELF. Duh Kanika, Really? (Yes I did just speak to myself in third person, don't act like y'all have never done If you can't be proud of yourself then how on Earth can you expect others to be. Same as loving yourself in my book, some may disagree but eh to each his/her own opinion. I know some people may think the goals I have set for myself at this current moment will fail and that's cool. It's not like this is the first time I have ever been told, "I don't think you can do that or I don't think that's such a good idea." Honestly in the past that has been my stopping point. I would speak into the atmosphere for others to hear what my plans were and it would get shot down like the ducks on the Nintendo game Duck Hunt. POW! I was instantly defeated. I always let others opinions on my life dictate how I lived.

Thank God I grew out of that stage of my life. The grown up Kanika doesn't need a pat on the back, encouraging words, a pep talk, or approval from anyone but the maker himself. When he gives me those signs that keep adding up no matter how many times I blow them off as being maybe just a coincidence. He doesn't and hasn't given up on me so I figured it was time to get up off my butt and do what he has been showing me all this time. Sure it's gonna be hard at first, nothing is ever easy and if it is then it probably ain't right. As long as I keep the faith and stay prayed up, all of my endeavors will prosper. That word is bond for sure. Alrighty good people that's my testimony for today and how I'm feeling. Much Love...


Monday, February 11, 2013

Is it really that serious???

Negativity - Lacking positive or constructive features, especially:
a. Unpleasant; disagreeable
b. Gloomy; pessimistic
c. Unfavorable or detrimental
d. Hostile or disparaging; malicious
As most of the readers know, I run around most of the time like a chicken with it's head cut off seriously. I'm not complaining because I actually feel like I have self-worth when I keep busy. That may be weird to some then again somebody may feel the same way but that may not be the word they would use. Well during one of my many activities that I participate in, this particular activity is normally playful yet serious enough that ultimately ends with a productive outcome. This time it was like a dark cloud descended upon the activity. <SIGHS LOUDLY> I have noticed when things are playful and relaxed instead of tense and stressed more work gets done. And the bonus is everyone has a good time while they work, it's a win-win situation really.
The question of the day is:
Why is it so hard for some people to be happy and embrace change? Especially if it's positive? 
I mean I don't get it... OK, I take that back, I do get up but dang. Everything is not meant to be filled with garbage truck juice and the world don't revolve around you. It's like they give themselves a speech before they enter into drama-free zone saying, "If I'm miserable everybody gonna be miserable!" It's really not that serious. If you don't like something don't participate, if you dislike the people that are going to be there then don't come, and lastly if everything around you pisses you off then you may be the cause of your own pistivity. (Yup I sure did slap that made up word in there. LOL) But seriously if everything around you breaks from your touch than your touch is too dang rough and you might need to evaluate that issue. It's like an elephant in a china shop, he is gonna wreck the shop, literally. So if you know your mood sucks why inflict that negative mood on others. Disturbing the atmosphere is just wrong!

Then you have the folks that wish bad things to happen because things didn't go their way. Wow, really is it that serious? Then when things look a little bleak you wait for the gossip mill to start up, just so you can so "I told y'all that was gonna happen." Since my not complaining anymore blog a couple weeks ago, I decided I'm done worrying about others. And furthermore since I don't like the way some people act, I affirm that I will always find the positive in a negative situation even if I'm surrounded by negative people. I'm done walking around upset on the verge of straight click-mode. I control my anger, no one else. I will not give the miserable my company, I'm too blessed to let the ignorant stress me. As long as I put my best foot forward the rest of the nonsense can kick bricks and that's putting it mildly.

The crazy part is that I started this post on Friday and obviously it wasn't meant for me to post it then because the weekend just kept getting more and more interesting by the second. Obstacles in the disguise people were thrown every which-a-way but the right way. So it gave me ammo to add more. Well deuces good people. Until next time...

Much Love ~Nika~

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Some people probably didn't get that right off the bat when they read the title but for those of you who immediately started talking in the Sha-Nay-Nay voice... DING DING you get a cookie cause that's exactly what voice was in my head when I started typing. LOL

Chiefs and/or Indians???

In the last two weeks I have heard the saying "It's too many Chiefs and not enough Indians" entirely TOO many times. My question is, who is the deciding factor of who is the leader and who is the followers? The main mouths that throw this statement out are ones who want to be the leader but also quote in the same breath "but I don't want to be in charge but I will be to make things better." HUH??? Is it necessary to not  participate in activities because everything is not going according to your plan? Is it plausible to say in one breath "Things need to change," but in the next, "I don't like THOSE changes"? True, everyone is entitled to their opinion, votes should be cast, and every one's thoughts should be taken into consideration. And if "Majority Rules" not in your favor then applaud for the cause and let's get moving with a positive not negative mindset. 

Why are human beings so dang power hungry? Everything is a competition, for what? What's the prize? Is there a prize? I don't get it. Conflict that causes others within an organization to draw straws or take sides is not healthy. Compromise, team-work, and communication skills to achieve a greater goal is the only way to get things done decent and in order. Imagine the great things that could be accomplished if more people worked together than dividing and attempting to conquer causing unnecessary confusion and conflict.

In order to get away from a lot of power struggles I have chosen to step out of titles in the past. Some of that may have stemmed from lacking in confidence within myself as well or just not wanting to do it from the get go. Today the titles that I hold, I hold them with my head held high and choosing not to feel bad because it's not like I sought out those positions, I was voted or promoted. Honestly I was a little leery of them at first letting that self-doubt creep in and scare the bejesus out of me. Making me afraid of criticism from others but today I say, "NO MORE!" I will not let the opinions and ugly statements of others dictate how I handle what I was called to do.

I remember one sermon that my pastor preached stating that everyone is not destined to lead. Just because you think you could do this, that, and the other better than somebody else does not mean that's what you are supposed to do. Sure enough you may be good at that particular thing but does that mean you're supposed to lead others in doing it or are you supposed to help by passing on your certain expertise? Also everybody isn't destined to be followers, a prince of a kingdom must lead one day when the king passes the torch. It's pre-destined. We all have a calling to do something, why not be happy in that and push on? Like my pastor once stated, 
"Did your blessing pass you by because you were too busy worrying about what somebody else is doing?"

Alright that is all folks, back to your regularly scheduled program... That was weighing heavy on me and I decided to let that beast free. I figured why not share this with everyone. Someone may be going through the same thing at the moment.

Much Love ~Nika~

Reflections Part II...

Reflection - consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purpose

So there are several definitions for reflection, every dictionary has about 10 different meanings listed. Some show synonyms to the word but the main thing is they all bring you back to same point; a result, idea, thought about a certain topic basically. Well that's putting it into my own words. Just don't quote me, I could be wrong. How people interpret situation outcomes or information that's read is basically a matter of opinion.

For instance, I have not always had the best self-esteem coming up, whether I was TOO big, TOO tall, TOO loud, TOO quiet, hair was TOO nappy, TOO broke, and that list could go on forever. I was never happy within myself. Honestly it wasn't until recently where I started to embrace everything that society or most importantly ME always saw as wrong. Now I won't go into pointing fingers as to why I always felt unworthy or lacking in the loving myself department because the fact of the matter is it has always been up to me to love myself in order for others to love me in return. The many faults I saw in the mirror were 'OPINIONS' whether they came from the horses mouth (me) or others that surrounded me. The only opinion that should have truly mattered should have been mine. If I was confident within myself anybody elses opinion would have took a flying leap off the nearest cliff. Either way that's in the past, I couldn't love myself more now. It took me about 20 years to figure that out but hey the most important thing is that I finally see a lot of things for what they are. Not to say that I still don't doubt myself in my endeavors or even my personal appearance at times but who doesn't? I have bad hair days, clothes don't fit right, and so on.

Moment of honesty: Who doesn't enjoy hearing "Good Job", "You look nice", "You better do that!"? (OK that last one was something I say but y'all catch my drift)

I still ENJOY getting compliments from time to time but I don't REQUIRE/LOOK for it anymore. I know people personally that don't like to do anything if they don't get praises for what they do. If they don't get the praise that they require then they go to bragging about everything they have accomplished or have done for others. Truthfully if I don't get asked about some stuff that I am capable of doing or have done then I don't say anything. I absolutely hate the spotlight, it makes me sweat profusely. LOL... I spend too much money on clothes to sweat them out, I'm just saying. (DH don't say a word) I guess my point is don't look for compliments to define you as good in your craft, define you as a nice looker, or overall nice human being. Carry yourself in that manner, feel it within and that ore will shine through. It will be obvious that you are the truth without you opening your mouth and saying a mumbling word. There's something about being a child of God, whether you have a setback from time to time or you walk straight all the time (bless you if you walk the straight all the time cause Lord knows I got issues) outsiders will recognize the good in you even when you don't see it.

Alrighty good people that is my rant of the day... well part of it... the rest is coming soon!

Much Love ~Nika~