'Love Drug'

Nicole Davis “aka” Nikki is a plus sized diva with certain insecurities. She is what some may call a simple beauty, sweet on the inside with hard shell on the outside. She is kind and generally enjoys pleasing those around her whom she cares for. Although sweet as pie, she has no love interest and not many opportunities knocking at her door.

Broderick Walker “aka” Brock on the other hand is a complex thuggish pretty boy if ever there was one. He takes pride in his appearance but he takes the saying, “There’s more to this book than just the cover,” to a whole new level. Because of a messy break-up recently from a long-term girlfriend who doesn’t know when to give up he is not interested in another relationship at the moment.

What will happen when these two individuals from two different settings with no motives cross each other’s paths will they take a chance on love or dismiss the notion to protect them from a world of hurt?

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  1. I think you will do real good at this and It sounds very interesting. May god be with your literacy journey as well. Trina D.

  2. You most definitely got my support :-)