Thursday, January 31, 2013

"These Are The Days of Our Lives..."

Who or what crosses your mind when you say those words aloud? If your answer was the soap opera that used to come on, that could be the correct answer for some people cause the actual days of our lives and the situations that came on those days could fill the pages of so many books it would turn into a trilogy. When I said the words aloud the first thing that came to mind was the popular Bone Thugs and Harmony song "These Are The Days Of Our Lives".

In case the lot of you haven't figured it out, music is like a window to my soul. Listening to certain music can transfer all sorts of emotions and send me through so many different mind sets. For instance when I listen to certain Dirty South music I tend to either feel real thuggish, feel at ease, or ready to "Drop It Like Its Hot", pun intended, all depending on the song. I can listen to east coast and want to be a lyricist or listen to west coast and then I plead the fifth. Don't judge me... Lol... Take it "Slow and Easy" with some serious R&B and wanna "Go Half on A Baby" because let's face it HE "Got his hooks in me"... Ok that may have been cheesy but I enjoy taking it "Back in the Days" with my music choices. That's when some of the best music could describe how even the most difficult to understand person is feeling or could make that one person with the hardest shell to crack feel all mushy. The base, drums, and organ of "The Blood still works," can dang near send you into shout mode because you feel like reflecting on how "God Made Me!" LOL... Ok I will quit with the song titles telling a story type of writing.

What makes you feel good?

Is it music, movies, interactions with loved ones, food, workout, a good read, etc.?

Movies come in as a strong second soother for me but music will forever be number one. And no offense to the youngin's of this generation but the new age music is just not my cup of tea. Every once and a while I might run across someone from the 2000's era where I can pick at least one song off their CD and bump. But in all honesty late 90's all the way back to 70's got me on lock. Yes I said 70's and yes I know I was not even thought about but the music from that era just has a meaning and a purpose. It had a feeling, a lot soul, and sometimes a mind of it's own. Studies say you should play music for babies while they are still in the womb so maybe that makes me a hidden genius cause I love music so much (DON'T LAUGH TOO HARD PEOPLE). Of course they said certain music but we will overlook that one minor detail.

That's my rant for last night/today. You just never know there may be more to come for the day because I'm so "UNPREDICTABLE." Okay for real that was the last song sentence. Until next time...

Much Love ~Nika~

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today is a good day!!!

Where is the 90's crew at? What's the first thing that comes to mind when reading the title "Today was a good day"? Hopefully those of you who are considered as "old heads" by today's youth will be honest and embrace our inner thugness and say Ice Cube riding in his 64 impala. But I know some are gonna play special and act like they don't know what I'm referring too and that's cool. I will be old by myself... LOL

Today I just feel, AHHHHH... Just so many words could fill in that blank...

My challenge for all who read this is to fill in that blank for yourself.

Today I feel __________!
If it's good, reflect on what made or makes it good, if it's bad take a hard look and figure out how YOU can change it or make it better. "Hello lights!" As my pastor would say...
S/O To Pastor Pierre Primm of Miles Memorial C.M.E Church... (say cheeze)

I have been fighting the urge everyday not to continually check the sales status since I first published Love Drug on the busiest retail chain online today. Today I lost that battle and I am too happy to be on the losing end of that stick cause it's selling. I can't wait to read the reviews of those that have purchased it now, I pray that all are good. So my blank will be filled in with GRATEFUL, the reason is because consumers are actually giving me a chance. I'm on my way and I can't wait to continue on this literary journey.


As always, Much Love  ~Nika~

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lovely Day...

I remember once I heard a preacher give a sermon about greetings. They said that they almost hate to ask someone how they are doing or how their day is going because the answers are always negative; "Oh not so good..., Terrible..., To be expected..., Alright but..., Good but... then it's followed by what is going wrong or has went wrong. LOL... I found that sermon funny because I would be lying if I said I didn't do the same thing and sometimes I find myself doing it till this day. My key phrase is, "I'm good, just tired..." BOOOOO!!!!

"I need to do better," I always chant that statement to myself but what am I doing to change the things I don't care for. I was reading a classmates blog just last week titled
"Honey, You'd Better AFFIRM That Thang!!!" by Jennifer Dawn at The Upgrade Experience (Double click the highlighted links and it will take you straight to it). It was very motivational for me and made me question whether I am my own mood-killer. Whether or not my negative feelings on any God given day is the sole reason why I feel down sometimes or just plain in a bad mood. I affirm that I want to be more positive. How about them apples?

I have an abundance of things to be grateful for and it's high time I focus on those things vs complaining about what has not gone according to MY plans. I can finally say "I GET IT"... It's not my plans that matter it's HIS plans that have and will always matter.

Now that I have affirmed many things for myself to UPGRADE myself, (Thanks Jennifer) I will close this blog out because I don't want to add to it and change the atmosphere of it. I should have two more blogs for today on the other topics swirling through this complex brain of mine. Stay tuned for more on this wonderful growth process...

Much Love as always ~Nika~

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Reflections - careful thought, especially the process of reconsidering previous actions, events, or decisions

"As I look back over my life, I can see how your love has guided me..." Those are the words to the beginning of one of my favorite gospel songs because it truly explains how truly blessed I have been even when I didn't realize or recognize it. I always complained about this and complained about that. This wasn't right, I wasn't being treated fairly, life isn't fair, womp womp womp... Now that I relect back that's all I did was complain. But as the song says, as I look back over my life, honestly I can see how much God truly loved me because he brought me through those many complicated trials of my life. When my faith wasn't as strong as it should have been, he still never gave up on me. Truth be told I am not a bible-slinger, verse-spitter, holier than thou holy roller by any means. I know I have a long way to go and I know I will never be perfect, that's not the way of the world. But in that same thought I recognize the good in me as well as the bad, I acknowledge my short comings, I repent for my sins, and I thank God for the many blessings he pours out big or small. I may not have it all but one thing I am extremely grateful for is the many people around me that pray for my success versus those who wait for my demise. They already know who they are, so there's no need to name names. Just know I thank God everyday for you all.

NOW MOVING FORWARD FROM THE MUSHY STUFF....... I just had to get that out. I wasn't intending on going there but my fingers started moving and I just let it go.

Back to reflections...

After reflecting over the past and the many signs that I possibly missed because I was not confident enough to step out on faith. I see the great things that are to come, I feel it in my heart and soul that what's to come is beyond exceptional. What's to come for my family and I is beyond our wildest dreams. I just hate that it took me so long to come to this realization that I am capable of big things and skilled in many ways. I'm not conceited by any means and I have been told that "I am talented." I always frowned on that phrase mainly because I hate the spotlight. I like to wade in the background, it's my personality. True enough some that know me know that I can be loud as all get up and show plum out at times. But in all actuality that's only in a comfortable family/friend's setting. When put on the spot in front of other's, I freeze faster than skin touching dry ice. NOT GOOD!!!  Obviously that fear is something I will eventually have to get over with the many different titles that I currently bear.

In reflecting on the past-present, I fully accept and embrace all that is to come. I will adapt, I will always at least put my best foot forward, and I will continue to keep my faith.

Loving me and all that comes with me... MUCH LOVE ~Nika~

Friday, January 18, 2013

In Deep Thought...

My mind sometimes runs a mile a minute. Before I can complete one thought another thought forms and sometimes forces its way to the forefront of my mind. Whether that's a good or bad thing, I don't have a freaking clue. One thing about it is that I should never get bored. Lol...

Although my books are my passion at the moment, my second hobby is my hair and its quickly forcing its way back into the limelight. I fell off something terrible considering the way I was when I first went natural. Actually I blogged almost everyday about my hair with pictures to back it up but eventually I got bored with my hair, didn't feel like taking pictures to watch my process, and so many other excuses because thats exactly what it was. EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE...

I'm officially ready to LOVE my hair back to health... After reading a blog and other reports of trying the Natural Hair Growth Challenge, I have decided that I wanna be IN like FLINN... yep real corny. First I'm going to get a drastic cut by a professional and then get a trim every three months afterwards. I am going to try the same challenge on Ashy's hair and document our process even if it's with just one single picture of before and after. Along with the growth challenge, I plan to do the moisturizer challenge as well. I'm going back to making my own hair care products made from Shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe Vera gel. Also I will be washing once a week with dr. Bonner's since its sulfate free. I plan to mist, steam, or rinse the other days of the week. My Shealoe back into my regimen will hopefully help out with my frizz, mayonnaise deep condishes once a week is the goal, and I just purchased a new product that I never heard of that has repairing qualities. It can be used as a styling product as well as a leave in conditioner. OH AND DID I MENTION ITS ALL NATURAL and on sale at Walgreens buy one get one free!!! My challenge officially starts NOW. I still have to get my hair cut but hopefully that will be done soon and then the fun can begin.

Follow my journey not only through the rocky road of writing but also follow me and my hair love affair (HUBBY APPROVED AFFAIR).

My Fotki is

Wish me luck... MUCH LOVE ~Nika~

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Tuesday...

Today I woke up dragging like usual because I have to go to work. WOMP WOMP WOMP....
But as I got started with me day, I had to remember that I have to be thankful that I have a job first off. Then I have to remember that I do have other options to make my situation better. Those options are unlimited as long as I put my all into it and believe that whatever I speak into the atmosphere it will come to reality as long as I stay determined. Well good people I am here to tell you, I am truly determined to make all my stress waste away, to become a certified self employed household, and most importantly stay mindful of the flash flood warning.
Ok that last statement no one will probably pick that up unless you were at Miles Memorial C.M.E on Sunday morning when our own Pastor Primm brought the message titled FLASH FLOOD WARNING.

The point is that this new year it's time to get our ducks in a row, prepare for the future, and still live our dreams before it's too late. I want to leave this place with no regrets. I don't want to always think to myself, "Did I do the things that I wanted to do or Did I accomplish all that I set out to do?"
This is not a New Year's Resolution, this is a PROMISE to myself.

As always MUCH LOVE ~Nika~

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MInd Blowing Decisions...

Mind Blowing Decisions causes head-on collisions... I have always loved that Heatwave song...

Often times the decisions that we are FORCED to make are truly mind-blowing, mind-boggling, and just plain HEAVY. Then you have the decisions that you CHOOSE to make, those are the more simpler ones because from jump street you pretty much already made up your mind what you want to do. Finally the decisions that are just out of your hands and were made for you. DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS... It's either left or right, this way or that way, front or back... you get my drift.

It seems that I am in ramble mode so let me get to it. I consider myself as a multi-tasker to the 25th power. I keep up with current authors that I follow on by reading, voting, and I always try to leave feedback. Especially those that gave me that much needed feedback for 'Love Drug' when I first wrote it. It was raw and edited to the best of my abilities at the time. It was the first time writing a story down in a long time and definitely my first time allowing anyone else to read what I wrote besides DH. One fan turned into two, before I knew it I had 3 books on wattpad and a fan base of 779 people. How awesome is that???!!!! I have over 2000+ votes for all of my books. What a blessing my wattpad fan base has been to my creative soul because they fed me with that much needed boost that fills me with the belief that my works are really good. BIG HEAD??? Never that... LOL

An author that I have been following her work for a while recently asked do my family and friends support my work? I had to admit I have some serious supporters around me but there are always the ones who you feel won't support anything that you have going on unless it somehow benefits them. I know that's probably mean as all get up to say but it's the truth.

The more I research this world of writing, publishing, marketing, etc. the more I'm faced with the decision of "WHAT TO DO?"

When I finally made the decision to go ahead and see about publishing my first finished book, I didn't have a clue where to begin. So I started googling different publishing houses and OH MY, it's a lot of them. The first ones that contacted me were those vanity publishers; those are the ones that sell you a dream and then set it on fire when they tell you how much you have to pay them in order to pick up your book. Then there are the big houses that mean big business but they require you to have a literary agent before even considering taking a look at your manuscript. OK, at least that gave me a starting point. Or did it?? Now it was time to research literary agents; either they weren't taking new writers, they only worked in certain genres, all wanted a query letter written a certain way to even consider your request, and the steps just continued. I sent my letter to so many agents but I have yet to hear anything back. So I can only assume they are not interested at this time.

I follow another author out of Michigan and she has so many dang ebooks I am shocked my iPad hasn't crashed because I have just about all of them. Either way the more I looked at her process with ebook's I decided that maybe that was the route I am meant to go at this time. Don't get me wrong I am not by any means giving up on one day becoming a best-selling author, "MY GOD, THAT THOUGHT SOUNDS SO GOOD," but maybe it was meant for me to get my feet wet in the game first. Either way I'm down for the journey...

I think I have rambled about my decision making processes enough for one post... Hope I didn't bore you too much... Until next time!!!


Monday, January 7, 2013


I am so excited today... Although I struggled with getting my ideas in order, struggled with making the hard decision to self publish, struggled with the conflicts of whether what I write or how I write will be frowned upon in my current position on the home front, and the list could go on for a while. I'm pretty sure most of you catch my drift. I'm proud to say that regardless of all those battles that I went through in my head, 'Love Drug' is officially published by, none other than, Passion Publishing founder K.K. Harris herself. LOL... (OK special moment speaking of myself in the 3rd person...)

The original cover that I created was good but personally I felt that this one had more of a mystery to it and would bring more UMPH to my main character, Brock.

This book is my baby, mainly because it's my first ever written down on paper, edited, formatted, and published book. I pray that it receives the recognition I know it deserves, and that's not just being biased because it's mine. It really is an enjoyable story about love, side-hustles, dealing with obstacles, friendships, and lots of other different aspects. On the flip side Love Drug is what some would call 'RAW'. It has colorful words, scenes, and situations. So please be advised, parental guidance should be strictly enforced.

Currently Love Drug is available through ebook only on smashwords and lulu. I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. There is a sequel to Love Drug called Mo' Better and that will be released in a few months. I plan to have this book in print before I move on to the sequels. The sequels to this book are in deed some doozies that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But I don't want to take you too fast so, BABY STEPS it is.

 As always only time will tell if this is going to be all that hope for...


Thursday, January 3, 2013


So I won't start off with my usual greeting, I love this and I love that...

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2013 we made it!!! 

Today I have been in deep thought and have been contemplating how some may process or interpret my writings. As I stated in my very first blog or bio, whichever one, my writings are extremely different from my home life. My books are in the genre of Urban Fiction with some “R” rated scenes, not an overhaul of explicit behavior but some none the less. Some choice words are used but overall it's kinda tamed compared to some stories I have read. 

But my dilemma is I'm a Preacher's wife, lol that reminds me of that movie with Whitney Houston. Ok my hubby is a minister (sounds better) and I'm proud of that fact. Because my venture into the book writing world will be broadcasted on a lot of media sites, I wonder will I be viewed in a negative way because of my choice of writing knowing my title of a PW. I know the world is full of haters and people in general that love to see another fail. Honestly for someone to bad mouth me, what can I say but "it happens" and it's been happening since I can remember.

"What my real issue is will it affect my husband’s reputation?"

It probably should be common sense considering we are one unit, you see one then you see the other. I know what my reaction would be to commenters and I would rather save that comment for that moment. JK. Maybe I should enter this question into the "POWER PEOPLE POLE" LOL...

Being in the church world can sometimes be as hypocritical or stressing than being of the world, if I can be honest for a second. Don't get me wrong my current church home, I am seriously pleased with what I receive and my spiritual growing process has returned tremendously from the strain that I was experiencing. But I always wonder can some outsiders separate the writer "NAPPYREDD or K. K. HARRIS" from Kanika or Nikki. I hate to say it like this cause I know a lot of folks are going to say, "This fool is crazy", but the truth of the matter is that we are two different people that have to share one body.

Split personalities, YEP! Do I possibly need a check, sure why not!

We all have them at times it's just hard to admit to it!!!

Anyway that was my rant for today... And feel free to comment, I like feedback. It's creative boost for me!!!

Much Love ~Nika~